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Tournament Rules

The Spirit of Winter Tournament shall adhere to the Ringette Canada official rules as outlined in the most current Rule Book. The following are rules, which will also be in effect for the event. Please read the Rules in their entirety:


Pre-Game Warm Up – 3 Minutes

Pin Exchange – Teams line up on the blueline after warm up

All Division (U10 to 18+) will have 18 Minute Periods

Between Periods – 1 Minute 


Team Duties 

Home Team

Shot Clock and Scorekeeper 


Time Keeper 


Round Robin Games

Teams are expected to be ready to play 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Teams not on the ice within two (2) minutes of referee’s start whistle being blown, will forfeit the game, however, the game will be played as an exhibition.


Teams must start the game in the end that they are warming up in. Should the home team enter the playing surface after the visiting team, they must proceed directly to the end that they wish to begin play.

Teams will be given a 3-minute warm-up prior to starting the game. The length of games will be limited to one (1) hour, including warm-up. Each team is permitted one time out in regulation play. NOTE: Referees or tournament directors have the right to reduce the time if the game falls behind. At an appropriate stoppage when there is 5 minutes (or less) of ice time remaining the referees will cut the game clock down to 2 minutes.

The shot clock will be used in the U12 to 18+ Divisions. In all Round Robin Games the Home team shall supply the Shot Clock Operator (if applicable) and Score Keeper and the Visiting team shall supply the Time Keeper. There will be a one (1) minute break between halves.


Score sheets are to be picked up at the hospitality desk at the arena. They are to be checked and signed by the coach at least fifteen (15) minutes before game time. No additions may be made to rosters without tournament committee approval.


Teams must declare goaltender(s), captains, and alternate captains on the game sheet by indicating (G), (C), and (AC). Teams MUST declare pick-up players on the game sheet by indicating (AP). It is the responsibility of the team to ensure that both “BCRA” and “Spirit of Winter” pick-up rules are followed.


In the case of a possible color conflict, the judgment is left to the on-ice officials. If the officials feel that there is a color conflict, the visiting team must change jersey colors, unless the home team is not wearing the designated association colors.


Should a team wish to warm up their alternate goaltender between periods, they may do so but with only one player and 2 rings. The goaltender and skater must proceed to the end in which they will be defending at the start of the next period.


When a team is up by 10 goals, the remainder of the game is running time. The losing team, however, has the option to continue the game with stop time. The team leading is not allowed to pull its goalie, except for a delayed calling of a penalty. ** Please also note the clarification to this rule below.


Game scores will be displayed on the time clock, posted in arenas, and recorded for tie breaking procedures with a MAXIMUM difference of seven (7) goals. All tied games will be recorded as a tie during Round Robin play at the Spirit of Winter Tournament.

Game Format U14 - Masters (includes AA)

When there are five teams in a division, teams will play a complete four game round robin. The 1st place team after round robin will earn a bye to the 1st place medal game. Teams placing 2nd and 3rd after round robin will compete in the semi-final game. The winner advances to the 1st place medal game and the loser is awarded the 3rd place medal. When there are more than five teams in a division, teams will play a modified four game round robin. The 1st place team after round robin will earn a bye to the 1st place medal game. Teams placing 2nd and 3rd after round robin will compete in the semi-final game.The winner advances to the 1st place medal game and the loser is awarded the 3rd place medal. When there are 4 teams in a division, all teams will play a complete three game round robin. All teams will advance to semi-finals. The 1st place team will play the 4th place team and the 2nd place team will play the 3rd place team. The winners of the semi-final games will advance to the 1st place medal game and the losers will compete in the 3rd place medal game.


Semi-Finals, Finals, and Shootout

For Semi-Final and Final games, the host association intends to supply the Shot Clock Operator, Scorekeeper and Timekeeper unless otherwise stated at the time of coach check in. Semi Final or Final games cannot end in a tie. If a Semi Final or Final game is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams will continue on to play a five (5) minute sudden victory overtime period. Each team will be permitted one time out in the overtime period, time outs do not carry over from regulation time. If the game remains tied the winner will be decided by a shootout. Format as follows:


After regulation time has expired there will be a two (2) minute break. During that time each team will select 5 shooters (in the event a shootout becomes necessary). A coin toss will be called by the home team, the team that wins the coin toss will get to decide which team gets ring possession to start the sudden victory overtime period. The winner will also shoot first in the event of a shoot out. Teams WILL NOT change ends. After the two (2) minute break, a five (5) minute sudden victory period will be played.

If still tied after the sudden victory overtime period, the five selected shooters will shoot once, alternately, adding up the goals. 

The winner of the game will be the team with the highest number of goals scored in the first five (5) player shootout. If still tied, the rest of the roster will shoot alternately (the first five (5) shooters cannot shoot again until the rest of the roster has taken a shot). FIRST UNANSWERED GOAL WINS.



1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Medals will be awarded in the U14 to Masters divisions as well as the AA Division.

In the U10 and the U12 Divisions, each team will play four (4) round robin style games. No finals will be played. All coaches will receive participation medals in their team bags, medals are to be awarded to the players at the end of their fourth round robin game.


MVP Awards

Each head coach will be given MVP awards for their own team, during the round robin portion of the tournament.


U10 and U12 Divisions

All teams will follow the U10 and U12 FAIR PLAY RULES:

  • No U10 or U12 player to be credited with more than three (3) goals per tournament game.

  • Goals scored in excess of this by any player shall not be recorded on the game sheet, shall not be posted on the score clock, nor counted in the final score of the game.

  • In the interest of sportsmanship, it is strongly recommended that coaches manage their team to ensure no one player scores more than three (3) goals per tournament game.

  • All penalties assessed will be served in accordance with the Ringette Canada rules


Protests and Grievances

Any team wishing to file a protest may do so by submitting their request in writing, along with $250.00 (Cash) to the Arena hospitality desk, within one hour of the incident occurring, to allow adequate time to deal with it. A grievance committee will meet to deal with any protests. If the protest is upheld, the $250.00 will be returned. NO GAME PROTESTS INVOLVING REFEREE JUDGMENT will be accepted. THE REFEREE’S DECISION SHALL BE FINAL.



Ringette Canada and Ringette BC game suspension rules apply. Good sportsmanship will be stressed throughout the tournament. ANY team accumulating more than 30 penalty minutes in any one game, shall see the head or acting coach suspended for the next tournament game. (No grievances will be accepted). A match penalty will automatically result in the suspension from all subsequent tournament games. Any coach who is suspended by Ringette BC is prohibited from participating in any on-ice activities. Any team staff member who removes his/her team from the playing area during a game and does not return within the guidelines of the current Ringette Canada Rule Book shall forfeit the game and be suspended immediately, and shall remain so until the league or Ringette BC makes a ruling. Should a team use illegal team staff during any game, they will forfeit the game.


Please Note: Rule Clarification:

  • ANY Match penalty will result in the removal of said athlete for the remainder of the tournament including semi/finals. Said athlete will not be permitted in the arena playing area.

  • Any game that has a spread of 10+ (so in other words 11 pts on) points, in any game, will have the Head Coach (from the RAMP Roster) given a written warning: CC'd to their DOC, if it happens again in the tournament, the Head Coach (from the RAMP Roster) will be removed from their next game, this includes all divisions and includes all levels of game play (semi/finals). We recognize that sometimes the coach/bench has exhausted all avenues of attempts at mitigating the score so as not to exceed the 10 + pt rule. We ask that in these circumstances, when and where a ref sees/hears such attempts, they make a note of it on the score-sheet so as we (Tournament Committee) can review it and take that into consideration when making the decisions or actions.

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