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In continuing with our Spirit theme, we invite teams to participate in our annual Pin Swap again at this year’s Michelle Vandale Memorial Spirit of Winter Ringette Tournament.


What is a Pin Swap?

Simply put, it is where teams swap (trade) pins with their opponent prior to each game. After warm-up and just prior to the start of each game, teams participating in the Pin Swap would traditionally have their players give or trade pins, buttons, etc. with players from the opposing team.

If your team or association wishes to participate but does not have any pins or buttons readily available to trade, we invite you to be creative.

A few examples of ways to obtain something to trade are:

*Have your team members make friendship bracelets, necklaces, or something similar

*Visit your local city/town hall or tourism office and ask if they can donate pins/buttons

Buttons with your own design or association logo, etc. can be purchased and shipped from SixCent Press


The idea of Pin Swap is not new; it has been a common practice at the Olympic Games since the first summer games in Athens in 1896 where round cardboard disks (with ribbons) were used to identify athletes, judges, and officials. These primitive pieces didn’t last long and have evolved into sophisticated pieces of art utilizing many of the “bells and whistles” of modern-day technology.

Over the years, the pins have become tokens of goodwill exchanged between athletes, officials, volunteers, media personnel, and spectators.

Like at the Olympic Games, pin swapping is a time-honored tradition in ringette that was common place during tournaments in the days when Michelle Vandale, of our tournament namesake, was a youth playing ringette in the lower mainland. It is a great way to show team spirit, good sportsmanship, and to enhance the feeling of community that is present at ringette tournaments!


At the end of the day, ringette is not just about playing the sport. It is also about building lasting friendships and knowing the true value of good sports ethics which the pin swap encompasses.

We wish each team a fun and successful weekend! Spirit of Winter Tournament Committee

pin swap.jpg
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