New This Year! 

Ring Around the City  

This Activity is designed to add to theme of Spirt and Fun for all.

This year's event was designed to keep us within covid compliance.

Teams will be provided with a list of 10 things that they must do as a team (min. of 5 athletes of that team in your jerseys) and complete as much as possible before Sunday Morning Finals begin.

The 3 teams with the most items completed will be awarded:

First Prize: Team T-Shirts ( With Name and Jersey Numbers )

Second Prize: $150.00 gift card to Pita Pit for the team

Third Prize: Spirit of Winter Sling Bags

List of Items will be provided in your team packages or if needed can be picked up at the Arena host desks.

Ring Around the City  




  • Must have a minimum of 5 team players in jerseys in each photo/video

  • First team to submit entries with the most completed Items wins

  • In event of a tie, teams with the most enthusiastic photos will win

  • Photos must be submitted by 6:00 PM on Saturday December 4th 2021


Hunt items:

  1. Photo in your jerseys with a team from a different association

  2. Group photo at each Sportsplex

  3. Group photo at each George Preston

  4. Group photo at each Twin Rinks

  5. Group photo at each Aldergrove (ACCUC)

  6. Record yourself singing the Canadian anthem with/under a flag

  7. Photo with a Spirit of Winter sign/banner

  8. Photo with a referee

  9. Photo a statue in Langley  (can be repeated with different statues)

  10. Photo with outdoor Christmas tree

  11. Photo with one of Langley’s wall murals (can be repeated with different murals)

  12. Record yourself singing a song with the word “ring” in it

  13. Photo of team members at the Spirit Square Bandshell in Douglas Park. 

  14. Photo of team members in front of heritage CN station in Fort Langley

  15. Photo of team members in front of Fort Langley National Historic Site

  16. Photo of team members in front of a local (Langley/Aldergrove) farm with horses in the background

  17. Photo of team members on playground equipment at Brookswood Park

  18. Photo of team members in front of one of (Langley/Aldergrove) libraries 

  19. Photo of team members in front of Cineplex (Colossus)

  20. Photo outside one of the Spirit of Winter Sponsors location (can be repeated with different locations)

    • see sponsor page on the Spirit of Winter Website


  1. Custom Team prize 

  2. Pita Pit Gift Card $150.00

  3. Spirit Of Winter Sling Bags